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Each of our flavors starts with a base of honey and cane sugar, enhanced with organic juices and spices to craft distinctive flavors. We pride ourselves on a recipe free from additives, preservatives, coloring, pesticides, GMOs, corn syrup, or rice syrup.

You can find the nutritional information on each product page, our packaging, or detailed below.

Since all our hard honey flavors contain honey, they're not considered vegan. However, we source our honey from highly sustainable and regenerative producers, ensuring no harm to bee populations. Learn more about our practices here.

Our blend comprises organic honey and organic cane sugar. During fermentation, most sugars are metabolized by yeast into alcohol, contributing to a higher ABV. The residual sugar content in our core products typically ranges from 1-5g per 12 oz serving.

Our hard kombucha flavors boast an ABV range of 5-6%.

For optimal enjoyment, we recommend refrigerating LIXIR. Since our flavors feature real, organic fruit juices, prolonged exposure to warm temperatures may alter taste. While there's no health risk in consuming LIXIR at any temperature, it's most delightful when chilled to around 40°F.

LIXIR's Hard Honey stands as an organic, sustainable, gluten-free beverage with a 5% ABV. We ferment honey to craft a clean mead base, infusing it with organic juices and spices. Discover more about our origins here.

LIXIR distinguishes itself through:

1. Regenerative/Organic Honey: Sourced from the Amazon rainforest, our honey ensures a GMO-free, preservative-free product with exceptional taste. We aim to provide a smooth drinking experience, reimagining history's oldest alcohol.

2. Organic, Real Ingredients: Our hard honey is purely organic, comprising honey, a touch of organic cane sugar, and flavored with organic juices and spices. No additives, preservatives, 'natural' flavors, coloring, rice syrup, or corn syrup.

3. Integrated Sustainability: We allocate 1% of our annual revenue to support Brazilian bee farmers, essential contributors to our supply chain. Our commitment to environmental stewardship extends to sustainable packaging and printing on recycled materials. While acknowledging room for improvement, we strive to make every decision in favor of our planet. Honey, as a base, requires minimal land and resources compared to other alcohol bases, contributing to its sustainability.

We offer three core flavors alongside a quarterly seasonal variety, available in cans and on draft outside San Diego.