Why is Hard Hard the best better-for-you?

Bees are in dire need of our help. Due to deforestation and pesticides, the bee population is steadily decreasing. Through regenerative agriculture and nature preserves, this can be mitigated.

If you’re not familiar with regenerative agriculture, it is the OG farming process that humans have been using for thousands of years leading up to the industrial revolution where machine tilling, pesticides, and genetically modified plants were introduced. A farm would produce many different types of crops and would cycle them out based on the season. Making sure to never till the soil but instead, let the crops compost to create a top layer of rich soil that would add nutrients to lower soil. This would compile for generations and lead to a deep brown soil that has more living microorganisms in a teaspoon than there are people on earth. Nutrient rich soil also sequesters water and carbon dioxide; if we were able to halt carbon emissions this process could get atmospheric CO2 levels down to pre-industrial numbers by 2100 (reversing global warming). The regenerative organic movement is growing rapidly and LIXIR aims to help.

We source our honey from a regenerative bee farm in Brazil where there are no GMO’s or peptides used. By supporting this farm we are helping bees do what they’ve been doing for millions of years- pollinate. The pollination of bee’s is directly responsible for more than 70% of the food we consume. They are the most important being on the planet and we need to do everything we can to help them.

We hope that with every sip and every can sold, we are educating customers on the importance of regenerative agriculture. Additionally, a percentage of our proceeds will be going to these amazing farmers to help savethebees!

Don’t drink beverages of the mortals. Drink as the gods intended.
Drink LIXIR !

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